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List of 50+ Face Detection / Recognition APIs, libraries, and software



There has been a lot of buzz around Face Recognition since Google Glass was announced.  We believe that face recognition will open up a ton of possibilities in how we interact not just with each other, but with objects as well - whether it’s with Glass or not.

To help you in your journey of exploring face recognition, we have below a long list of face detection and recognition APIs that you can use for your applications.  Enjoy!

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(Source: mashape)

The instructions to install edx-platform on Ubuntu12.04 LTS

After having so much pain in installing edx-platform on Ubuntu12.04 LTS, I finally successfully set it up. So, I decided to write this post, hoping it would help someone who is trying to install it too.

PS: I am from China, so some steps seem to be important for people in China to install edx-platform but less important for people outside the gfw.

OK, nerver mind, let’s begin!

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Python in Xcode 4

So, you wanna program with python in Xcode 4, and you may have no idea how to start, then this post will give you a hand.

The following steps are copyed from StackOverflow, see it here.

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